Web Analytics and Tracking

Using analytical tools allows you to gain insight into the strategies and tactics that you implement to gain visitors and convert them to customers.

Implementing Analytical Tools

We can assist in implementing a number of analytical tools to track your visitors and users to your website or app. We'll help develop privacy policies and data security plans in using this data. We'll create goals, projections and tracking tools to drill down the behaviors you wish to look for.

Analyzing Results

Once data is recieved, we'll help you make sense of what it means and how it relates to real-world usage of your site or app. We can help you can insight to different market segments and how each one is using your site or app.

Making suggestions and finding opportunities

Going forward, we can find the low hanging fruit to make quick changes and the road blocks to remove to gain more value. We'll be honest about what strategies are working and how they related to your ultimate metric, ROI.

Quantifying Results

Results can be quantified using a variety of metrics, hits, page views, time on site, revenue per visitor, etc... Depending on the strategy and the breadth of the campaign we can implement a number of user tracking tools to give you as much information as needed. And we can use this information to improve campaigns and refine your website to optimize the information on the site to the types of visitors that are attracted.