Electronic Commerce Services

AgaveIS specializes in providing e-commerce solutions for small and large business. From design, development, content creation, to ongoing day to day maintenance and performance tuning, we want to help your online strategy move product to customers.

An e-commerce website is a site which has as its main goal to sell product or services.

An e-commerce solution is more than just a 'shopping cart', its a customer care tool, a logistics resource for warehouse and shipping and a data resource for management. In other words, e-commerce solution is part of the big picture for your day to day operations.

AgaveIS can provide a total end to end development and management of your e-commerce implementations.

E-Commerce Development Services

From start to finish we can create a e-commerce solution for your organization, event or any other project you might have. We emphasize fast loading e-commerce sites with a strong clean visual impact with easy to use intuitive navigation structures. Sites, information pages, and shopping carts are developed with long term management simplicity in mind so that changes or modifications can be made quickly and consistently.

E-Commerce Re-Design

If you have a e-commerce site which needs a visual clean up, transfer to a new platform, or a total re-working we can provide an assessment and plan for improvement based on your criteria. If your existing site has grown unwieldy in its size (number of pages, images, confusing layout) we can work with you to make changes that will address these problems in a way that uses as much existing information as possible.

Project Management

If you are looking for a developer oriented project manager that can coordinate diverse components with different skill sets to work together, we can provide this project management service. We can leverage your in house resources and combine them with outsourced expertise to create a project which produces results within your budget.

Content Management

If you need to outsource day to day management of your e-commerce solution we can put together a proposal to run your platform, manage orders, and manage your warehouse and shipping.