An API allows for easy seperation of backend programming and front end presentation. An API also allows for backend processing to be consumed by different applications in different environments.

Custom API Development

We'll develop serialized data interfaces that can be consumed by 3rd party sites a nd applications. By opening up securely to the public your data you can make your product more accessible. Conversely you can create an API that can consume data from your customers via 3rd party interfaces. We can develop a framework that uses SOAP / XML or REST API using JSON.


By using a Web API architecture into your closed application, you can make your end product more robust, scalable and easier to maintain.

Existing API Implementation

Facebook, Salesforce, Amazon, Google, DropBox and Yahoo are examples of popular APIs that allow for 3rd party access to their backend resources such as files, user profiles and authentication. We can develop hooks into your web application to use their resources to increase the utillity of your product.