.net Application Framework

ASP.NET is a Microsoft web application framework developed to allow programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services. AgaveIS specializes in ASP.NET development. By creating your site or application in ASP.net you ensure that not only will your site run on popular hardware, the code will be easily managed by either AgaveIS or any future developer.

While ASP.NET is not open source, many 3rd party developers have created a variety of both open, mixed and closed source applications that are either paid or free. This means that ASP.net is a very robust means in which to develop websites and applications as there are plenty of existing applications which your site can use including CRM (customer relation management), Ecommerce sites, CMS (content management systems), support systems and much much more.

If you have an existing site that needs to be retooled or managed, AgaveIS can help wether the site language is in Visual Basic (VB.net), C# (C Sharp). We are also fluent in a variety of scripting languages that typical ASP.NET sites contain such as Javascript (AJAX, DHTML, JSON, JQuery), VBScript, PERL, etc.