Internet Marketing Strategy

Internet Marketing Strategies

Navigating the myriad of Internet marketing options can be a daunting task. Wether you are looking for a full service firm or already have in house online marketing staff, and need ad hoc basis providing strategy consulting. We can take a look at your current strategy and make suggestions for improvements that will create results.

Defining Goals

The first step in developing a web marketing strategy is defining the goals that you wish to accomplish. This helps to shape the strategies needed to accomplish your goals. You need to know who you want to attract and what you want them to do when they arrive at your site. Once those initial goals are developed, the specifics can be developed.

Implementing Strategies

AgaveIS will develop a clear project scope for any web marketing strategy which clearly defines what is expected of us. A complete listing of strategies to be implemented, budgets and timelines will be created so that you know what we will be doing, and what your company needs to do as well in preparation and support of any campaign.

Quantifying Results

Results can be quantified using a variety of metrics, hits, page views, time on site, revenue per visitor, etc... Depending on the strategy and the breadth of the campaign we can implement a number of user tracking tools to give you as much information as needed. And we can use this information to improve campaigns and refine your website to optimize the information on the site to the types of visitors that are attracted.